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    mhud_draw 1 or 0
    mhud_filter 1 or 0
    mhud_cameraFx 1 or 0

    mhud_icons 1 or 0

    This Plugin is for ECX RC2.(Images are from ESF 1.3 OpenBeta)
    The HP Indicator supports 0~3000.
    The PL Indicator supports 0~2,147,483,647.
    Support SpecialAttack Icons.
    Support CustomAttack Icons.
    Support displaying PerfectTrans & NormalTrans Percentages.
    Support ScreenFilter.
    Support displaying Character Avatars.
    Support displaying Player Name Icons
    Only works under OpenGL(32 bit) VideoMode

    You have to install Metahook in order to run this plugin

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