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    UPDATE! Fixed version with some extras! all WIP but stable!

    Version 2.0 will come soon <--final version.

    New meele

    New ascend technique for goku and vegeta!
    press ascend twice to transform in the currently highest accessable stage!

    New spirit bomb

    New beampossibilities

    New fusions

    NEW effects

    Potara chars (black/zamasu) now gonna drop potaras on death:D

    beamdetachment via right click.



    hi there! this is a new version of my collection! hope you enjoy it!

    all features can be checked here:



    also in the SC folder are all my codes! hope this helps future coders to make this game even better!

    would love to add way more but sadly i reached the limit of my coding skills....


    all good coders are gone....so there is not much hope....hope some come back and do some nice extras.

    say .fusion   in chat to see what fusions are available.



  • speaker_notes Installation

    copy into hl folder


    DELETE your current Esf folder for this. other plugins or old version might cause reaching precache limit.

    that means u cant start any map any more.

  • event_note Changelog

    lots new shit

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